La Invención de Morel

Tetrapack Prints, 2024
La Invencion de Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares is a science fiction book from 1940. It narrates the story of a fugitive that arrives to a seemingly deserted island previously plagued by diseases, in which he finds a group of people that carry out a life of constant repetition.
This project presents an exploration of this story.  
My response to the story consists in three chapters of a series of 5 A2 tetra pack prints that rely on repetition and narrative told through colour.

Chapter 1: 

“There are so many things to do on this lonely island!
The trees that grow here have such hard wood!
And when I see a bird I realise the vastness of 
the open spaces all around me!”

Chapter 2:

“The grassy hillside has become crowded
with people who dance, stroll up and down,
and swim in the pool,
as if this were a summer resort”

Chapter 3:

“Spring, summer, autumn, and winter plants, grasses,
and flowers overtake each other with urgency,
with more urgency to be born than to die,
each one invading the time and the place of the others
in a tangled mass.”

Ana Ortuño Floria